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Flash - Revert back to Stock Rom from Custom Rom Zenfone 5

Tutorial - How to flash or back to stock ROM from custom ROM on asus zenfone 5. You can apply this tutorial on your any zenfone device like Zenfone 4, Zenfone 6, Zenfone 2, Selfie, Laser etc but you need to download firmware according to your device model. Here you can download stock firmware for zenfone 5 and you can find your firmware on asus website. You can download all files from end of post. Also Check out How to Install Multi-user Mode on Asus Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6.

Pre - Requirement
  • Stock Firmware (Download all requirements files from end of post)
  • ADB Fastboot Tool
  • Battery at-least 40 percent charged
  • Intel USB Drivers and ADB USB drivers installed on your PC

How to Back to Stock Rom from custom rom Asus Zenfone

Step 1. Download and Installation
First download all requirements files and One firmware file from end of post and install ADB drivers on your PC. After installation task is complete now extract ADB fastboot tool on your desktop.

Step 2. Get Recovery file
Now Copy UL-ASUS_T00F-WW-x.xx.x.x.-user.zip firmware file in extracted fastboot folder. Then open zip file using winrar and extract recovery.img file from it and copy in adb fastboot folder.

Step 3. Reboot device in DroidBoot mode
Tune off your device then Press Volume Up + Power button for 6 second.

Step 4. Run Commend Prompt
On your PC, Go to extracted Adb fastboot tool folder and right click anywhere in the folder while pressing the shift key and select open command window here.
Revert back to Stock Rom from Custom Rom Zenfone 5

Step 5. Now connect your zenfone with pc using data cable

Step 6. Using Commend Prompt
By Using Cmd prompt type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img then press enter button.

Step 7. Select Recovery Option
After successfully flash recovery file Now select recovery mode on your zenfone by using volume and power key. After selecting recovery option your device reboot and may be it showing no command. Now press power + volume up button. Then select Apply update from ADB sideload.

Step 8. Run Again Commend Prompt
Once again, Run Commend prompt on your PC from adb fastboot tool folder. Type adb sideload UL-ASUS_T00F-WW-x.xx.x.x.-user.zip and hit enter to flash firmware.

Step 9. Reboot your Device
Once, the firmware file successfully flash on your device. It will showing Install from ADB complete. Now select reboot system now using volume and power key.

Download here
ADB Driver Installer - http://bit.ly/1mxPlMW
ADB Fastboot Tool - http://bit.ly/1WRCxOS
WW- - http://bit.ly/1iCc7kM
WW- - http://bit.ly/1Swwjmb

Congratulations, After Reboot your device, you can use stock ROM on your Zenfone. This tutorial work for all zenfone's but you needed to download firmware according to your device model. You can also Check out How To Update Asus Zenfone 5 in Lollipop OTA Official Update.

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  1. hello it is saying that you need to have adb v 1.0.32 or higher to sideload this device.please help me

    1. Make sure you download the latest version and install ASUS and Intel driver as well. I won't recommend one to switch tos custom ROM from original. I am suffering and missing the ZenUI.

    2. Maybe you're trying to revert to lollipop, Don't do that, you must sideload the kitkat version. I experienced that problem when I try to sideload the lollipop frimware

  2. It says device not found..what should i do,?

    1. Did you follow all the step correctly? If yes, then maybe its because the usb drivers are not installed correctly, check if your device is properly connected first, type "adb devices" if you found your device then you're good to go

  3. Its saying install first 4.3 img.. Wat its mean

    1. Extract fastboot.img,recovery.img and droidboot.img directly to ADB folder. after that, you can follow again the intructions.

  4. what is the password for unzipping the dowloaded file

  5. can i direct revertback to lollipop rom ? from cm13 ?

    1. No,you can't.You need revert back to kitkat first.Then after revert to kitkat,you can install it.Simple

  6. I tried reverting back to lollipop firmware.The firmware I used is ww First I flashed the fastboot and recovery .img files.Then I entered recovery mode and sideload the firmware but the package inatallilation always get aborted at 54%.It is showing command not found.Now I can't enter the faatboot screen.whenever I tried to enter fastboot screen it takes me directly to recovery mode .someone please help me fixing this.

  7. I am stuck at Loading UL-ASUS_TOOF-WW-XX XX XX -userr .zip

    Help me

  8. can u guys can make a vedio on instaling stock rom of azus zenfone 5 without pc