Install Remix OS with Windows on UEFI PC with Dual Boot

Tutorial - How to Install Remix OS 2.0 with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 with Dual Boot. Recently Remix OS Developers have shared latest Remix OS for UEFI PC. In preview post we talk about Install Remix OS on PC laptop Hard Disk With Windows Dual Boot. If you are using Legacy Desktop/ PC you can check out that tutorial.

  • Remix OS ISO for EFI
  • EasyUEFI PC Software
  • Minimum 8GB Flash Drive
  • A Remix USB Tool for making a bootable pen drive

Bug with Remix OS for UEFI

  • Play Store not available

Also check out How to install Google Play Store on Remix OS

How to Install Remix OS on UEFI PC with Windows

Step 1. Download and Install
Download Remix Image for UEFI and EasyUEFI software from end of post. Then Install EasyUEFI on your PC.

Step 2. Create a fresh Partition
Now, Create a New partition atlest 10 GB and format it in fat32. Click Windows + R button, then type diskmgmt.msc and press enter button to start disk management. Now right click on any partition, then select shrink volume. Now enter the amount space to shrink 10000 then click on shrink button. Now you will get unallocated space. Right click on the unallocated space and select new simple volume and follow these instructions.

Step 3. Make Bootable flash Drive
Now Connect pen drive with PC and format it in Fat32. After format Run Remix USB Tool and Click on Browser button for the select remix image file, then click on OK button and wait for the process to complete. Don't remove the USB flash drive after process complete.

Step 4. Copy Data from flash Drive to fresh Partition
After making a bootable flash drive. Copy all folders and files from flash drive and copy in your Remix OS partition that you create on your PC.

Step 5. Run EasyUEFI on PC
After Copy All files in Remix OS Partition. Run EasyUEFI, then click on Add New Entry. Now Select type as Linux or other OS. Now Enter Name Remix OS (Or you can enter any name like android-x86) in the Description. After that, Select Remix OS partition from Target Partition menu. Now Click on Browser Button from below then click on + Button. Then double click on EFI then boots folder. Now Select Bootia32 for 32 bit Computer and select bootx64 for 64-Bit Computer then Click on OK Button. Then again OK button to save configurations.
Remix OS with Windows on UEFI PC with Dual Boot

Step 6. Reboot Your PC
Now Shutdown your PC and Turn on using Boot Menu Key (F12 Key Work for Lenovo). There you can select Remix OS. After select Remix OS it will show Guest Mode and Resident Mode.

  • In Guest mode Once you reboot, you will lose all the data and installations apps from your device.
  • In Resident mode, it will save the data and System Configurations for next time and it can take 5 - 10 minutes to install.

Download here
EasyUEFI -
Remix OS EFI -

Congratulations, Now You can run Remix OS with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 PC/ Notebook with Dual Boot. Share this Tutorial with your friends and family.

Gaurav Saxena

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  1. Which android apps does it come pre-installed with?

  2. I install Remix OS, but have a problem.... It freezes on the home screen logo "Remix OS"
    Can you help me?

  3. Greetings,
    i installed Remix OS and it was doing perfectly fine... then when i tried to restart my laptop (asus rog), it wouldn't start due to the "Reboot and Select proper Boot device". How can i solve this? thanks im advance