BIG ROM for Zenfone 5 [v13.0 STABLE]

Tutorial - How to Install BIG_ROM for Asus Zenfone 5. Big Rom is based on stock firmware. Recently XDA developers share updated custom rom v10.0 based on firmware. Also Check out How To Install flash TWRP Recovery on your Zenfone 5. Also check out new ROM Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Zenfone 5.

Pre - Requirement
  • BIG_ROM v10 Zip
  • TWRP Recovery Installed
  • Battery atleast 40% charged

BIG ROM Official
  • Base in Stock Firmware WW
  • Support Zenfone 6
  • Network Traffic in BR Center/status bar
  • Carrier label in BR Center/status bar
  • CPUspied in BR Center/status bar
  • Restart UI in BR Center/status bar
  • Floating mode (Multitasking)
  • KnockCode in BR Center/LockScreen (need enables in Xposed)
  • Gesture in BR Center/Button
  • Update kernel BORETS24 DT2W 17/03/2016
  • Update open gapps 13/04/2016
  • Remove icon Auto start manager
  • Remove AsusSetupWizard
  • Remove AsusThemeApp
  • Remove PowerSaving2
  • Remove Stk, Stk2 in the launcher
  • Update AsusThemeApp
  • BR Center
  • LSPEED Options in BR Center/Performance
  • Boost in BR Center/Performance (need enables in Xposed)
  • AdbLocker in BR Center/Performance (need enables in Xposed)
  • INIT (Open terminal and type: su, INIT)
  • Changelog in About
  • File installs-recovery-2 save battery
  • New wallpaper, new ringtone
  • Boot animation Marshmallow
  • App and module: Root explorer, Kernel Auditor, Sony music (Updated), viper4android, mobile manager Asus.
  • L Speed (Open Terminal Emulator type su -> Enter -> go to LS -> enter)
  • ABS (Open Terminal Emulator type su -> Enter -> go to ABS -> enter)
  • Tweak saves battery

If you want to taste BIG ROM OFFICIAL.

BIG_ROM Remix features
  • Google Application Pre Installed
  • Motion Gesture
  • Double Tap to Wake/Sleep
  • SetCPU
  • ROM Performance is fast
  • Base on v10 Pro
  • changelog in About 
  • module Android N
  • file install-recovery-2 save battery
  • new wallpaper, new ringtone, new notifications sounds
  • Fix bugs stuck logo when reboot
  • Update open gapps 04/04/2016
  • Remove tab in Quick Settings
  • LSPEED Options in BR Center/Performance
  • INIT (Open terminal and type : su , INIT)
  • Boot animation Marshmallow
  • Remove icon Auto start manager in launcher
  • Carrier label in BR Center/status bar
  • CPUspied in BR Center/status bar
  • RestartUI in BR Center/status bar
  • SuperSU Installed
  • Output Sound more louder

How to Install BIG_ROM for Zenfone 5

  1. Backup your Stock firmware/ Custom Rom using TWRP Recovery Mode.
  2. Now Download BIG_ROM for Zenfone 5 and Xposed Zip file from end of post.
  3. Then connect your Zenfone 5 with PC using the USB cord and Once the connection established, transfer both zip files from desktop and place it on your device Internal Storage/ SD-Card.
  4. Turn off you Zenfone 5.
  5. Now Reboot into TWRP Recovery on your Zenfone, Using Volume UP + Power Button.
  6. Just select "Wipe" and Check Dalvik Cache, System and Data. Once it Selected, Swipe to Wipe.
    install BIG_ROM v10.0 for Zenfone 5
  7. Then Go back and select “Install”, Now find Big_ROM Zip file and flash it
  8. Similar, repeat the process and flash Xposed Zip file.
  9. Once both file Successfully flashed, Go back and Select Wipe then Format Data and type Yes and press Go.
  10. Once it completed, Just Reboot to System. First boot can take upto 15 minutes.

Download here
Xposed Zip -

Congratulation! You have successfully completed the process to install BIG_ROM on your Zenfone 5. If you find any bugs and issue. Please share it with us. In preview post we share List of Best Stable Custom ROM for Zenfone 5

Gaurav Saxena

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  1. any bugs for this custom rom?
    i saw on the youtube video comments there are people say that he can't download apps like whatsapp?
    can you please tell me about the bugs on this custom rom, thanks before.

  2. oh yea i wanna i ask you one more question, i saw in ur videos ur zenfone running so fast, the installation process was running so fast, how it can be? please tell us so we can make our zenfone running fast too

    1. he skips some loading progress just to make the video tutorial short.

  3. after i flash it camera not found
    anyway to fix it?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. How to install without kernel changing?

  6. How to install without flash Xposed ZIP?

  7. How to install without change kernel from jenkins to borets

  8. How to solve 'installation aborted'

  9. How to solve 'installation aborted'

  10. I tried installing it but it didn't install and showing error while flashing with twrp 2870 ( i also wiped Internal storage while wiping cache ) so is this was the reason?

  11. can you help me,

    i cant install big rom with orenge recovery, it says
    ..."this rom is use for a500cg,a501cg,... ...bla bla bla... ...and your devices is: " "...

    please, help me... i use A500CG, in WW lollipop ver xxx.78

  12. Bro it works quite good but my home and recent apps keys are not responding and when i swipe down it shows only time and wifi,data,auto-rotate,etc. are not showing...
    what to do now?

  13. flashing the ROM failed. it says ' error executing updater binary' also some symlinks failed.
    please help!

  14. shit rom ever...... BUGS with status bar storage etc.......