Install Remix OS on PC laptop Hard Disk with Windows Dual Boot

Tutorial - How to Install Remix OS on PC laptop hard disk with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 Dual boot. Recently We found a method to run Remix os without a USB flash drive. In this method we are using BCD Software and Remix ISO file both files are available for free to download. You can also check out How to Install Android x86 6.0 Marshmallow on PC with Dual Boot.

  • Remix ISO
  • EasyBCD Tool
  • 10 GB Hard Disk Partition
  • WinRAR for extracting ISO image
  • Windows PC

How to Install Remix OS on PC Laptop

Step 1. Download and Install
First you have to download Remix ISO, WinRAR and EasyBCD tool from end of post. Then Install WinRAR and EasyBCD tool on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Create a New Partition
Now, Create a new partition atlest 10 GB and format it in fat32. Click Windows + R button then type diskmgmt.msc and press enter button to start disk management. Now right click on any partition then select shrink volume. Now enter the amount space to shrink 10000 then click on shrink button. Now you will get unallocated space. Right click on unallocated space and select new simple volume and follow these instructions.
Remix OS on PC laptop Hard Disk with Windows Dual Boot

Step 3. Copy and Extract ISO file
Now Copy Remix ISO file in new partition and extract it using winrar. After extract you will have ISO file and extracted files in same partition.

Step 4. Run EasBCD
Open EasyBCD, Click on Add new entry then from right side select ISO from portable and external media portal. Enter Name as Remix OS and then select ISO file in path option and click on add entry.
Remix OS on PC laptop Hard Disk with Windows

Step 5. Restart You PC
After Successfully add new entry, Restart your PC. Now you have to select Remix OS option from the list to start it. And if you want to start your windows Just select Windows option from the list.

Download here
Remix OS ISO -
EasyBCD -

Congratulations, Now you can enjoy Remix OS without a flash drive and its actually installed on your hard disk. Share this tutorial with your friends and family.

Gaurav Saxena

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  1. No link for iso file provided link are same

  2. The link provided is not clickable. I need to use easyBCD 2.2, version 2.3 just does not work for me. If you could provide the link for v2.2 thast would be great. Thanks

  3. I can't able to install in my hp 1303 au amd processor with 2 gb ram