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[CM13] [ROM] Update Android 6.0 for Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 P3110

In this Tutorial we will teach you How to Install Cyanogenmod 13 Android 6.0 ROM on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100/P3110 using team win recovery project custom recovery. Google Release Android 7.0 N Developer Preview for Nexus device and We are upgrading our TAB in Android 6.0 [6.0.1] Marshmallow custom ROM, hehe. In upcoming months we can use the Android N custom ROM for Tab 2. Because Cyanogenmod 14 upcoming in couple of months. So, Now We are back to our topic. Before updating your device in Marshmallow OS you have to Install Custom Recovery Like TWRP/CWM. We recommended to use TWRP recovery for Installing this ROM. If you have pre-installed Recovery on your device you have to skip this step and process to the next step. Otherwise You can check out our tutorial about How to Flash TWRP Recovery for Galaxy Tab 2 P3100/P3100.

  • Android Marshmallow ROM
  • TWRP/CWM Recovery
  • Battery at least 60% Charged
  • 3GB device Internal Storage free for Make Stock firmware Backup (You can skip)

Before Installing Custom ROMUbuntu OS on any Android device. We recommended to make a backup of your stock ROM. Because, If the device not stable with Custom ROM or other issue's. You can revert your device in old stage easily with this Backup.

How to Backup using TWRP Recovery
  1. Power off your device.
  2. Boot into Recovery by Pressing Volume UP + Power Button at the same time.
  3. Click on Backup Button and Swipe left to right on swipe button.
  4. Once it Done, Save TWRP folder on your PC/ SD-Card.

Backup using CWM Recovery
  1. Power off your Device.
  2. Boot in recovery mode by using Volume Up + Power Key.
  3. Select backup and restore then select the backup to /SD card.
  4. Once it's done, Save the CWM folder on your PC/ SD-Card.

How to Update using TWRP Recovery

  1. Download ROM and GApps from end of post link given.
  2. Connect the device with PC, and copy both zip files in your device Internal/SD-Card storage.
  3. Turn Off your device.
  4. Reboot into Recovery using Volume UP + Power button.
  5. Tap on Wipe and Check the Dalvik Cache, System and Data option and swipe to wipe.
    ROM Android 6.0 for Galaxy Tab 2 P3100/P3110
  6. Once Wipe, done.
  7. Tap on Install and flash ROM and GApps on the device.
  8. Only for P3110 Download and flash Google Keyboard App
  9. Once flash done successfully, Select Wipe and factory reset your device.
  10. Reboot and Enjoy.

How to Update using CWM Recovery

  1. Boot into CWM recovery, By using Volume UP and Power Key
  2. Select Wipe Cache Partition then select Yes - Wipe Cache.
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100/P3110 TWRP
  3. Now Go to Advance, then select Wipe dalvik cache, then select Yes - Wipe dalvik cache.
    Galaxy Tab 2 P3100/P3110 CWM
  4. Select Wipe data/ Factory reset, then select Yes - Wipe all user data.
    Galaxy Tab 2 P3110
  5. Now select Install Zip then select choose zip from SD-Card, Now select the ROM Zip file from the list and install it
    Galaxy Tab 2 P3100
  6. Similarly, Install GApps on your device.
  7. Only for P3110 Download and flash Google Keyboard App
  8. Go back to main menu list and select Wipe data/ Factory reset, then select Yes - Wipe all user data.
  9. Once it's done, Select Reboot system now then selects Yes - fix root.

Download here
GApps -
Keyboard -
P3110 -
P3100 -

Note: - First boot can take up to 20 minutes for making cache files. So Please keep patience. Today I Share Tutorial about How To Install CM13 based Android 6.0 [6.0.1] on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100/P3110. This ROM and method tested on my Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 and I Install successfully with GApps and it works smoothly. Please Leave your comment if you like my guide or if you face any problem to follow steps. Thanks and Have A Nice Day ;)


  1. The Gapps file links is down

  2. Replies
    1. but after i tested, i have 1 problem, my pc cannot read my tab, even i reinstall keis, still fail? whats wrong

  3. mengapa setelah upgrade android 6.0 dari TWRP, tab saya jadi sering auto boot sendiri ?

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  5. where is the download link it keep on taking me to one same page no zipfile to download,wher to download file pls help


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