CyanogenMod 13 for Zenfone 5 Marshmallow (Android 6.0)

Hello Guys, Today in this post we talk about How to Update ASUS Zenfone 5 in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow ROM. This is not official update and this is a custom ROM from CM13. This ROM status on the experiment so, maybe there are lots of bugs and issue. If you find any bug or issue with this ROM, please share it with us and our other visitors. Please do it with your own risk, i am not responsible of any damage.

ASUS will not provide official Marshmallow firmware
Maybe ASUS will not provide any Marshmallow update for our zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6 because there are lots of hardware limitations and company policy. But now you can taste Marshmallow sweet on your device thanks to CyanogenMod who made this Custom ROM and share it with us.

  • Android 6.0.1 ROM (Download all files from end of post)
  • GApps for Marshmallow
  • Windows PC
  • WinRAR installed on your PC for extracting Zip files

Marshmallow ROM features
  • Odexed, first boot faster
  • Camera fixed on CM13
  • Calling Worked
  • LATEST sources
  • Monthly security update
  • No additional applications
  • Multi Window Mode (not working)
  • CM boot animation
  • Lock Screen
  • Miscellaneous
  • Navigation
  • Dark UI mode
  • Settings button in status Bar
  • Sim Card Working
  • Recent Settings
  • Sound & Notification
  • Status Bar
  • Notification Panel & QS
  • Power Menu Options
  • Display Brightness Optimization
  • Double Tap to Sleep
  • Network traffic
  • Quick setting customization
  • Pre installed SuperSU
  • Better Battery Performance

Bugs and Issues
  • The camera does not work (Resolved)
  • No Sound during call (Resolved)
  • Flash Light not working (Resolved)
  • SMS/MMS not working (Resolved)
  • Automatic lock screen during use
  • GPS not working

Make a backup before flash
Before flashing any custom ROM on the device. Make a backup using TWRP Custom recovery. If you have already Custom Recovery Installed on your device. You can make a backup of the stock firmware. If you don't have custom recovery installed. Please use below tutorial to flash recovery.

Step to make a backup
  1. Switch off Your Device
  2. Open device in TWRP recovery mode by using the Power + Volume Down key.
  3. Tap on Backup then Slide left to right on Swipe to backup button
  4. Once the Backup Complete reboot device normally and Copy TWRP folder on your PC/Computer.

First Flash Custom TWRP Recovery

Before upgrading to marshmallow you have to flash Custom TWRP Recovery. If you have pre-install recovery you can skip this step otherwise use this tutorial to flash TWRP on your device.

How to Update Android 6.0.1 on Zenfone 5

  1. Download Android M ROM, boot.img, Gapps and ADB Tool from end of post link given.
  2. Copy GApps in your device SD-Card.
  3. Extract ADB Tool and file on your desktop.
  4. Once it extracted, you will get systemCM-13.0-20160401-EXPERIMENTAL.img file.
  5. Copy systemCM-13.0-20160401-EXPERIMENTAL.img and bootCM-13.0-20160401.img file in the ADB Tool folder.
    Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Zenfone 5 T00J/T00F
  6. Now Turn Off your device.
  7. Reboot into bootloder using Power + Volume UP button.
  8. Once device in bootloder mode, Connect device with PC using data cable.
  9. In the ADB Tool folder, Open Windows Commend by Pressing Shift key + right click of the mouse and select the open command here.
    Android 6.0 on Zenfone 5
  10. Type these cmd:  fastboot flash boot bootCM-13.0-20160401.img and hit enter.
    Zenfone 5 T00J/T00F
  11. Then, fastboot flash system systemCM-13.0-20160401-EXPERIMENTAL.img and hit enter.
  12. Now Clear device data Type: fastboot erase data (hit enter).
  13. Then Type: fastboot erase userdata (hit enter).
  14. Type: fastboot erase cache (hit enter).
  15. Once it finished, Open device in recovery mode by type: adb reboot recovery.
  16. Select install zip and browse the GApps zip file that you copied and flash it.
  17. Once it flashed, you should format ( NOT WIPE ) and cache data in TWRP.
  18. Restart the device and enjoy CM13 on your Zenfone.
Note: At the time the first boot may take up to 10 to 15 minutes, so be patient

How to fix boot loop or stuck at boot animation
Maybe your device goes to Boot Loop or stuck in CM13 boot animation, because my device already stuck at boot animation. Again I flash CM13 ROM using above method and it is starting working. So, if your device stuck in a CM boot animation, please reflash CM13 step by step. I hope it will work for you. Please drop your comment. If you like or find any think help full.

Camera fixed on CM13

How to Root

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone > tap build number 6 - 7 times
  2. Go back to settings page you will get developer option
  3. Root Enable device + ADB
  4. Update SuperSU from Play Store

Download here
ADB Tool -
GApps -

Congratulation, Now you can enjoy the Marshmallow sweet on you ASUS Zenfone 5. You can also check out more Custom ROMs for Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 6. Please Share this Tutorial with your friends and family. If you like our tutorials 

Gaurav Saxena

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  1. Cant connect to camera? how to fix it?

  2. hello please fix that camera and while we are calling to some one or else if some calls us then me or neither he also is not able to listen the voice. please try to fix these problems. or else this rom is so great. thanks for a such a kind of this rom. thank u very much. but try to fix those both problems please.

    1. No sound during call on zenfone 5 issues fixed

    2. Hey thx for sharing this post but,can u fix the camera problem?

    3. I found some bugs,can't send message,please fix it thx :)

    4. use textra app frm play store for sms nd for camera it is dead wait until dev to fix

  3. after totally flash cm 13 can i relock my bootloader because of freezing issue

  4. hey help me, they say eror flash cmds why??

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. ROM link not working it download in .txt format instead of .IMG. Plz fix it. Thanks....

    1. If u get .txt file just rename it to .zip & extract it

  7. I found many bug. Such as:
    1.SMS or MMS not send
    2.Cellular Network always LTE(recommended)
    3.Flash not working
    4.Suddenly to lockscreen

    1. i,2,3 are fixed nd i dont know about 4th one

    2. i,2,3 are fixed nd i dont know about 4th one

  8. In gapps,is is mini,micro,nano,or pico?

  9. where can i get that boot.img you have?

  10. No more bug for 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Just a little bugs likes GPS,RADIO and Record video in 1080p lagging.

  11. i can't be able to find solution to copy files from phone to pendrive...otg working well and also i can be able to copy from pendrive to phone but i cant be able to copy from phone to pependrive.anyone can tell me how to solve this issue?

  12. i am facing a problem of more charging time after installing cm 13 on my zenfone takes around 3.15 hours for full charge and while charging,i have not used my phone.and i want to know that i have modified cpu states by using cpu tuner app so is there any relation between cpu states and charging time or not?i have set my cpu at 316 mhz as minimum frequency and 1333mhz as max frequency with conservative governer selected.can anyone please help me for solution of long charging time?

  13. i am facing a problem of more charging time after installing cm 13 on my zenfone takes around 3.15 hours for full charge and while charging,i have not used my phone.and i want to know that i have modified cpu states by using cpu tuner app so is there any relation between cpu states and charging time or not?i have set my cpu at 316 mhz as minimum frequency and 1333mhz as max frequency with conservative governer selected.can anyone please help me for solution of long charging time?

  14. in during twrp time i'm not flash the the gapps, coz the wil say insufficent storage and error so i sikped that
    pls suggest me which one gapps i should flash
    my phone has 8gb internal memory and 4gb was reserved to apps and 4gb was to be free

  15. try gapps pico...gapps pico is the best for low internal storage.

  16. is there any issue regarding restarting of phone several times due to sudden bricking as it happened for me when i installed the previous version

  17. Hey! Am not able to connect my zenfone to the pc.. it shows USB device not recognized.. can you please help me? I have tried all the possible solution like uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.. checking for the mtp option in the storage but no use.. I think the problem is with the device and not the pc.. Am currently uprooted and on stock Rom(kit Kat) I degraded from lollipop to kk to resolve this but nothing doing... please help..

    1. try with other USB or try with another USB port

  18. The link of rom doesn't work showing 404 error

  19. Hi there :) your link to download ADB Tool is not working. Fix it when you have time. Like your page and Thx

  20. to install exposed on this ROM??

  21. My phone zenfone 5 run with CM 13 Bt Gapps not installed ...When i insatll gapps micro then show insufficient space then i try pico nd it is install in phone but any app not run nd show unfortunately this app stoped.....

  22. How i download ROM - ....for uograding mu zenfone 5 into marshmallow..plss suggest me its not downloading..

  23. Hi, sorry but i don't speak english.
    asus_t00f base band 1515_1.4.69.3_1022, before uptade was 2.xxxx.

    The two sims are bad, the phone don't reconize it, i can't make calls and sms. The wifi have excellent signal.

    Is my problem the base band version?
    if that, how can i upgrade the base band and where can i download it.

    Second problem: The gapps have problems, first, no space, but the phone have 16gb, second, try to install gapps nano, and i have several problems and the gapps can't install. The phone is in a cycle of installation but not install anything.

    Thanks and i hope your help.

  24. to install exposed on this ROM??

    1. Install Xposed APK
      Flash framework SDK 23 x86 ZIP file using Recovery
      Reboot and enjoy device

  25. how to revert back to stock rom from custom rom 6.0.1 marshmallow ? i try to flash with asus flash tools but always error in the middle prosses. i try everyting but alway fail. help me please

    1. Use fix boot loop method to flash stock rom on your Zenfone

  26. when you fix the gps problem, i'm waiting for this

  27. after upgrade #sim2 signal is weak. do you your guys know to improve the sim signal?

  28. does the camera work or not?? because camera is really important for me!

  29. should i download all the rom file?

  30. Does the camera work properly?
    Does the video recorder has any problem?

  31. are u going to fix the gps issue in near future?

  32. How to add working & apps downloadable play store in it?

  33. gapps not working says md5 not found

  34. Can you add default built in play store please...!!!

  35. i've flashed it successfully but the camera still doesnt work....showing cant connect to camera....any help would be useful....and thanks

  36. My camera went blank.. and when i try the front camera it says can't connect to camera.. how to fix it? @admin