Install Chrome OS on Windows PC and Notebook

Tutorial - How to Install Chrome Operating System on Windows, Linux PC. Now you can enjoy Chrome OS on your Computer PC and Notebook. Every tech lover know what is Chrome OS and they want to try it but unfortunately Official Chrome can not installed on and old PC but, Now you can install the open-source Chromium OS software its similar operating system of Chrome OS. Note : Take a full backup of your hard disk data because it will format your hard disk. You can also check out Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS on your PC using Virtual Box on Windows.

  • Chrome OS Image (Download all files from end of post)
  • Win32 Disk Image
  • 8 GB USB Flash Drive

How to Install Chrome OS on PC

Step 1. Download and Make Bootable flash drive
First, Download Chromium OS image and Win32 disk image software from end of post. Then Install Win32 on your PC. Now Extact chrome image. Then burn it to your USB flash drive using Win32.
Chrome OS on Windows PC and Notebook

Step 2. Booting PC using Flash drive
After burn flash drive. Turn Off your PC and boot it from USB. It should take you into chrome setup. From Chrome setup point you can run it live without installation on your PC.

Step 3. Install Chrome OS on PC
If you want to install it on your PC. Go to Chrome Setup point and Press CRTL + ALT + F2 key's. Now it ask to login (Use smaller letter in user name, password and command)
  • Type User name Chronos
  • Type Password password.
  • Then type sudo su and hit enter, Then it will ask for password enter password and hit enter .
  • Then type below command
chromeos-install --dst /dev/sda

 Step 4. Wipe All Hard Disk Data
Then, It will ask for erase all data like photo, games, songs and all files from your hard. Just type Y and hit enter to continue. Or type N and hit enter to stop installation.

Download here
Win32 Disk Image-
Chrome OS-

Congratulation, Once the installation task compete. Just Remove USB flash drive and restart your PC. Now Connect it with the internet connection and sign in with your Google Account and enjoy the Chrome OS on your Windows PC.

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