How can I Run 2 or more Whatsapp Accounts in One Android Phone

As you know world's most powerful chatting messenger Whatsapp has a disadvantage,  you can run whatsapp on your mobile but can't't run multiple account in same Android device. Now we are here to come with a solution worked 100% on each and every Android rooted device

Why Whatsapp Not Running Multiplier Numbers in Same Device?

Due to it's UIA (Unique IMEI Address) verification process, every device has an IMEI address thus its impossible to run multiple accounts in a single device.

There is no more 2Lines for WhatsApp Application aviable for play store due to some resones it was remove from the Google Play Store. Please use this Update GBWhatsApp for your device. It is the newest version from the developers. 


***This APP required a Rooted Device***

How To Get Multiple Account On Single Whatsapp.

  1. Download 2Lines Whatsapp application from play store or here.
  2. Install It on your android phone or tablets.
  3. After installed it, Run App on device and click on add a new line for whatsapp
  4. After click on it you will see whatsapp startup window
  5. Click on Continue
  6. Now select your country & enter your Mobile number.
  7. Click on OK button.
  8. You will get a Popup window (Just check your number detail if required click on edit else just click on OK button)
  9. Now the number verification is in process & verified 
  10. Congratulation " Your whatsapp account has been set successfully"
  11. Now open 2Line app & add another number by followed the same steps .
  12. Now restart your device.
  13. Open 2Line app & just enjoy.
Download here
2Lines for WhatsApp

Note :- You can add more then two number or whatever you have.


Today I am sharing amazing tricks about how to run multiple numbers on single whastapp application. If you like or dislike the post Please left your comment and share this amazing tricks with your family n friends circle.


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  1. Awesome post sir, this is really a cool topic. Now we can run multiple whatsapp account in single phone, as you duscussed above. Now I'm using two whatsapp account and it fells really pretty cool.
    Thank you 😀