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Install CM12.1 on Zenfone 5 Android 5.1.1 [Very Stable]

Tutorial - How to Install Android 5.1.1 CM12.1 on Asus Zenfone 5  Very Stable version. Here you can download CM12.1 and find a guide how to install it on your device. There are lots of changes in ROM like to improve batter backup, performance, touch, sensor, audio is more loud if we compared to stock ROM. Now you can use the device in horizontal mode and the last one is the camera. There is an available dual camera application available one is Cynogenmod camera and the second is Asus Stock Camera app.

Pre Requirement

How to Install CM12.1 on Asus Zenfone 5

Step 1. After Unlocked bootloader. Now flash TWRP custom recovery on your device.

Step 2. Power off your device. Press and hold Vol UP + Power till see the ASUS Logo.

Step 3. Now extract ADB on your PC and copy the downloaded new-twrp image file in ADB folder.

Step 4. Open ADB folder and Press and hold Shift button and Right Click on mouse then choose open CMD WINDOW HERE.
CM12.1 on Zenfone 5 Android 5.1.1  [Very Stable]

Step 5. Now Write below CMD to flash  TWRP Recovery on Device
  • fastboot flash recovery new-twrp.img
Step 6. After Successfully flash recovery image on device. Select Reboot option from droidboot.

Step 7. Now Copy CM12.1 ROM zip file in device internal storage.

Step 8. Open TWRP recovery via bootloader (Use Step 2 to open the device in the bootloader). Then select recovery option using volume and power key.

Step 9. Select Wipe Option then check Dalvik Cache, Cache and Data then Swipe to Wipe.

Step 10. Now Go back and select Install > Scroll down and select ROM zip > Swipe to flash.

Step 11. Again Go back and Select Wipe then Swipe to Factory Reset.

Step 12. Now Reboot System.

Download here
ADB Tool -
TWRP img -
CM12.1 ROM -

Congratulation, Now You can use the CM12.1 ROM on Asus Zenfone. Note first boot can be take 10 minutes if it will not start re-apply steps from step 8. You can also check out How to Install Stock Rom on Asus Zenfone 5. Share this tutorial with your friends and family.


  1. twrp link not working and can i flash this 12.1 on android 4.3(jellybean)

    1. TWRP recovery link update now you can download and flash twrp on you zenfone

  2. Can i update my ZenFone 5 is running on 5.0

  3. Can i update my ZenFone 5 is running on 5.0

  4. defective camera when shooting in Full HD mode in 1080

  5. как скачать файлы не получаеться

  6. Hi... I installed cm 12.1 on zenfone... Its so good... Even though it has some bugs its OK...

    Bugs I found
    - when on and off the aeroplane mode then there is no services ... Then I need to go to service operator and select manually

    - can't play shadow fight.. I mean Its coming but hangs a little bit.... That's it maybe....

    If cm releases few fixes for this baby its will be perfect... Thanks tp ...

  7. external SD card not showing
    please help

  8. do i need to install twrp recovery mode first..
    and then flash for new-twrp??

    1. When u flash the new-twrp.IMG. it will install... U don't need to install it

  9. And also how you are having twrp folder on your phone??

    1. Its like a normal folder.... When I open the file manager ... Scroll to end its there....

  10. The only problem I noticed is ... No FM app.... And battery lasts avg of 3-4 hrs if u use it continuesly( for only videos) .... Without any break.... I don't understand if its good or bad.... Please help

  11. How is Asphalt 8 working on this rom????? I mean Gaming Performance

  12. My mic is not working. What i have to do after installing CM12.1

  13. why my zenfone 5 uncomplete install on update from apply update from ADB and it say failed to read command on (54%).

    1. Firmware only worked to update. If you want to install stock firmware on your zenfone 5. Please use firmware or other stock firmware

  14. is this android version is 5.1.1?

  15. my asus zenfone have a problem when I rebooting it it opens twrp how to solve it?pls reply!

    1. when I factory reset it it will just freeze the fastboot

    2. Install Stock/Custom ROM on your Zenfone 5

  16. Does it have double tap to wake?
    How is the battery performance?

  17. im stil failed on twrp mode ..on power + vol down no reaction from zen 5

  18. after root , camera isn't working anymore ?? why ? any fix ? asap.

  19. I charged my phone upto 100% at 8:30pm. And it droped to 14% at 2:00pm on the next day. I didn't used my phone in between that. What should i do. Is their any autostart manager app.
    The other problem is that the network. No network when switching back from flight mode.
    Find little lag.
    I installed this ROM on last day.


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