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Name: Gaurav Saxena
Job: Webmaster, SEO, writes about Tips and tricks, related to Android.
Likes: Blogging, Science, Football, Internet and Gadgets.
Dislikes: Politics
Long-Term Goal: Live long enough to see myself become the Blogger.
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  1. hi....
    while installing BIG ROM i got error executing binary zip ...& i have not did the backup also, now my phone says no os installed on twrp recovery.plz help me .how to get back my mobile into normal.MY MAIL ID :ranganaathranaa@gmail.com

  2. how to going back to the original kernels of asus zen 5

  3. i have a rooted asus zenfone 2 ze551ml. Yesterday, i received a software update notification on my device and i accepted it. The download completed, but the phone is not restarting since then. The asus logo appears, and then the circular loading ring goes on and on and on and on. Its been almost 12 hours, but the phone is just not restarting. I am helpless, as i dont want to hit a factory reset and lose all my data inside. I am at a wit's end :-( Is there any method possible, through which I can restart my phone, or atleast unroot it in the switched off condition ?? I think that might solve the problem. For Gods sake, if it opens just for once, i will back up my data and if required den hit factory reset as well. Please help. Urgent.