Download Official OTA Oreo Stock update for Moto G5 Plus | Moto G5 | OPS28.85-13

Motorola has started rolling out Oreo OPS28.85-13 update for his Moto G5 and G5 Plus. The Motorola company was first known to update its phone, but this time Motorola has started updating its phones very late, due to which Motorola's customers have been seen very angry.

This morning, this news has been broadcast on the internet for all that Moto has started updating the Moto G5 Plus, but still this update has reached very few people. Some people have provided Oreo zip files online from their phone. With this file you can update the Moto G5 Plus and G5 phone to OREO update. If you can not wait for OTA updates, you can update your phone in Oreo by downloading this update at the bottom.

Download Official Oreo Stock update for Moto G5 Plus | Moto G5

Do you will get new updates after installing it
Now the question of many people is coming in the mind that will we get or not new updates after installing it, and it will not warrant void of phone and After installing this phone warranty will end or not.
Yes, after installing it, your phone will receive new OTA updates without any issue because it is an official update and you are installing it from official office and any official update does not void the phone warranty.

What is needed before updating
  • Before updating, you may also need to backup all the important data such as photos, videos, whipsip, contracts and other necessary data of the phone
  • Download OREO OPS28.85-13 zip file from below
  • Make the phone charge atleast 60%

How can you update the Moto G5 | G5 Plus to Oreo

  1. Firstly, you must download this update oreo OPS28.85-13 zip file below
  2. After downloading, copy this file into your phone's internal storage
  3. After Copying, Go to the phone settings > Apps to find an app Motorola Update Service
  4. After searching the Motorola Update Service, go to its permissions and enable the storage permission.
  5. Now go to the phone's system update and check for updates by clicking on the button.
  6. After checking system updates it will find your file that was copied in your internal storage.
  7. After the file is detected, it will ask for install on your phone, install it by pressing the install button
  8. Your phone will restart while it is being installed and your phone will start running with OREO

Download here
OPS28.85-13 Oreo-
The advantage of this update is that you will get the official OTA updates even in further because this method is absolutely official so you do not have to worry about phone warranty. Once you install this update, you can not go back to the previous Android Build, then you must backup your phone such as contract, messaging and photos.

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  1. Unfortunately, this won't install if you've already installed the June security patches on Nougat. It looks for a pre-req build number of NPN25.137-92-14. Can't update the manifest since that resigns and causes a signature failure. :-(

  2. Unable to do bro....Installed but unable to recieve update notification

  3. Thank you. I updated my motorcycle g5 plus about 30 minutes ago. It is working as of now. The steps in this article are precise. Thank you once again for writing it.

  4. It is not working for moto g5 with software channel 'amzin'