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WhatsApp Plus 2.50 Apk MOD Anti-Ban + Call UI

Recently Whatsapp Plus 2.50 Apk Reborn Anti Ban with hide online status, updated their version with lots of changes for android 4.1 + and Some other minor bugs fixed, Download WhatsApp Plus APK for free.
WhatsApp Plus 2.50 Apk

Version 2.50
What's New
*Last update for this Base hopefully someone update it
*Size is 17 MB
*Fast MoD
*Many minor changes
*Themes are working Thanks to abo2sadam server
*Language is back
*Many other changes & Other bug fixes

Version 1.99
What's New
*New name “Whatsapp JiMODs”
* Size reduced to 15 mb.
* Fast MoD
* Many minor changes.
*Fixed WhatsApp Web
*Fixed Sending location
*All icons to Material Design in high quality Fixed
*Ui customize
*Many other changes & Other bug fixes

Key Features of Whatsapp Plus 2.50
  • Quick Share
  • Partition Copy/Paste
  • Watch Status in Chat Screen
  • Hide Profile Picture
  • Colorful theme
  • Extra upload limits
  • Send original size picture
  • Load of themes
  • Ad free

Installation Guide of WhatsApp Plus 2.50

Guys this is step by step guide for first time installation on the device. If you are already using you can directly install WhatsApp Plus Apk on your Device.

Step 1. Make Sure you have perfectly running WhatsApp installed with your important chat

Step 2. Open Whatsapp & Go to Settings→Chat Settings→Backup Conversations

Step 3. Uninstall WHATSAPP

Step 4. Download & Install Given WhatsApp+ Apk

Step 5. Open it→Click AGREE & CONTINUE→Enter your number

Step 6. If you have backed up your chat earlier then there should be RESTORE BUTTON, Press it (If you get messages like “Your app is the unofficial download from play store” then Uninstall current WhatsApp+ → install original WhatsApp from play store → do verification process → Chat with 1-2 person → backup chats → uninstall Original WhatsApp → install given WhatsApp+ You will definitely get RESTORE button)

Step 7. Press Continue after it finishes

Congratulations You've successfully installed WhatsApp+.! Now Explore many more features

Download here

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